Solutions Development

With the increasing need for custom application software to meet several of individual and corporate needs, our software development team are constantly developing better means to helping our clients meet thier needs. Using up-to-date technologies, we develop reliable solutions that puts the user in mind right from the design stage. Our well structured solutions are very user friendly, flexible and professionally designed to global standards.

Web Application

We build web hosted applications, from simple information websites to high end applications. Our team is unrelenting on developing better web solutions tailored to suit the needs and demands of our clients and current technology trends. We ensure our solutions meet the required international standard.

Messaging Gateway

We offer our cients the opportunity to communicate in a cost effective way with just a mouse click and often without moving a finger. We provide an SMS Gateway offering you the opportunity to send sms directly from your pc and even your website to most countries of the world through the internet. For third party developers, we provide easy to understand API for you to connect to our server through your application.

Database Management

We configure Database Servers, design and develop databases. We help our client to minimize possible downtime by putting in place maintenance service plans to suit peculiar business environment. BackUps, Restoration, Optimization and other administrations are all done by our experienced team

Short & Long Codes

We provide long and short codes services to achieve your mobile campaign needs. Our Mobile services application are developed by our in house programmers giving you quick and reliable access to your short/long codes campaign solutions.

Consultancy Services

Our team of esteemed professionals are always available to render consultancy services in all the areas of our solutions or help resolve issues. Modifications of existing solutions or development of new solutions may also be advised, designed and implemented to suit your needs.